Science Talk 12: The James Webb Space Telescope

Introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope, Scott Rohrbach The James Webb Space Telescope will launch during DisCon III, on December 18, 2021. Scott will give us an overview of this new telescope’s capabilities as well as the plans the astronomical community has for exploring exoplanets, far-away galaxies, and numerous other astronomical phenomena.

International Space Programs

Americans may not hear much about it, but there’s a thriving culture of space exploration and science outside of the United States. Come hear about some of the notable missions, developments, and discoveries of 2020 and 2021.

Scientific Discoveries

This panel features five-minute presentations by scientists about discoveries in their field that sound like science fiction but are real.

The Role of New Technology in Preserving History

Understanding and preserving the past can be a challenge. How have new technologies, including developments in remote sensing and physical preservation, allowed us to study the past in a less destructive manner? Where do digital archives fit in? What about preserving digital media as artifacts?

Science Talk 4: Climate Change

Climate Change Science, Mitigation, & Adaptation — Ted Weber This presentation will describe the physics behind the greenhouse effect and how it is increasing temperatures and changing the climate. Then I’ll discuss methods to reduce future warming and damage, and how to adapt to warming that’s already occurring. Mitigation strategies include reducing greenhouse gas emissions,… Continue reading Science Talk 4: Climate Change

Urban Planning in the Space Age

In the colonies of the future, who will be responsible for planning what the city looks like and how it develops? Is this a job for engineers, for the civil service, or someone else? What factors should be considered?

Science Talk 15 — Low-Cost Space Launches

Low-Cost Space Launch via SSTO, Pat Bahn TGV Rockets created a conceptual design for a small single stage to orbit (SSTO) reusable launch vehicle (RLV) that utilized our eutectic fuel blend and an altitude compensating nozzle.

Logistics of Off-World Disasters

Complex logistics are required to respond to mundane natural disasters. How could we handle a natural disaster occurring on another planet or in space? What additional political and diplomatic complications arise when working on an interplanetary scale?

Science Talk 8 — Quantum Computing

Really Weird Science: An introduction to Real Quantum Computing Kevin Roche, Advisory Engineer-Scientist, Quantum Ambassador, Qiskit Advocate, IBM Research Almaden The hype around Quantum Computing makes it hard to tell what is real and what is marketing. Kevin will try to dispel those clouds of uncertainty, starting with an introduction to the weird science that… Continue reading Science Talk 8 — Quantum Computing

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